Thursday, 22 August 2019

God Title Page

In R.E we learnt about God.  Each of us made a God title page introducing Him.  We learnt about who He is, what He is like and did an acrostic poem about God.  Here is what my title page looks like.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Mary MacKillop Feast Day

Today was Mary MacKillop's Feast Day.  We had mass this morning and did some activities with Room Three.  Everyone buddied up and each made a Mary MacKillop craft and a Mary MacKillop poster.  This is what my craft looks like looks like.

Reading Posters

In reading we made Ocean posters about the different oceans.  The oceans we chose from were the Southern Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.  We made our posters on google draw and this is what mine looks like.


In writing we have been writing procedural pieces.  Procedural writing is where you write instructions for something like a recipe.  We had to write a crazy recipe and I chose a mashed potato cake.  This is my recipe

Potatoes- 3
Water- 900 mL
Food colouring- any colour and one or two drops
Skittles- as many as you want
Caster sugar- ¼ of a cup
Butter, milk (optional) if you want butter and milk you will need 70 grams of butter and ½ a cup of milk

A pot that you can boil the potatoes in- (boiler)
Something to mash your potatoes with- masher
Something to mix your food colouring with- a spoon or whisk

Something to cut u
Potato peeler
A bowl to mash your potatoes in and mix your food colouring in
A plate to place the cake

Step one: peel your potatoes and chop them into bits

Step two: put your pot on your stove and pour all your water in
Step three: turn your stove’s heat to 210 degrees celsius
Step three: put your potatoes into the water to boil them, put a timer on for 15 mins
Step four: while you wait, get your bowl out
Step five: once they are finished turn your stove off and put your potatoes in your bowl
Step six: Mash your potatoes and add your sugar in , if you would like to add butter and milk, now is the time
Step Seven: When you have finished mashing your potatoes mix your food colouring in
Step eight: get out your plate and spoon your mashed potato onto it.
Step nine: get your skittles and sprinkle them over your mashed potato cake
Step ten: now you are finished and you can eat it!

Wednesday, 7 August 2019


In our class we learnt about different oceans.  We each chose an ocean.  I chose the Southern Ocean but there was also the Indian Ocean, The pacific Ocean, The Arctic Ocean and Atlantic Ocean.  Then we made posters on google draw.  This is what mine looks like.

Cook Island Maori Week

This week is Cook Island Māori week.  We have done a lot of activities and learnt the sign of the cross in Cook Island Māori.  Some of the activities we did was myths, facts worksheets and more.  The myth that we learnt about was Ina and the shark. The Myth is about Ina and Tinirau. The myth is about why sharks have a bump on their head. This week has been great so far.  Here is what our Cook Island wall looks like.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Water Science

Today we did a water experiment with ice and salt.  We got balls of ice in a bowl and then our teacher came around the tables with dye to put on the ice.  After we got the dye she came around with salt and we got to sprinkle it on the ice.  When we sprinkled the salt on the ice it started to crack, the dye helped us see the cracks.  We waited a bit until we got to go outside to crack the ice.  After we got outside it was time to crack them.  Each team went at different times.  Our group was last.  When we went we threw the ice up into the air and let it smash to the ground.  The bigger ones smashed more as the weight is heavier.  Because of this there was more force as it was falling.  Here is a picture.